Police Departments Like to Work with These 4 Types of Towing Companies

Police Departments Like to Work with These 4 Types of Towing CompaniesTowing companies often receive work from police departments that require assistance for impounding vehicles. This has led towing companies to receive somewhat of a bad reputation, as people associate them with having their vehicles forcefully removed from certain locations.

However, police departments must ensure they work with reliable towing companies that can complete difficult jobs. This is because most people that have their vehicles towed often want to complain about the service, such as having their vehicle damaged or the conduct of the towing employee.

As a result, police departments need to carefully choose who they work with, leading them to work these types of towing companies:

Companies with Safe Drivers
Due to the nature of having a vehicle towed, most car owners are understandably frustrated and want to make a complaint about the situation. Unfortunately, this often falls at the feet of tow truck drivers, with the most common complaint being that they have caused damage to their car due to how they towed the vehicle.

While most complaints are insubstantial and usually a reaction to having their vehicle towed, there are instances where damage happens to the vehicle, which is why police departments only work with tow truck companies that have safe drivers!

Tow truck drivers must also be very knowledgeable on the right loading and unloading techniques, not to mention how to carefully navigate traffic, tight turns, and other driving situations.

Companies with Good Availability
Police departments work 24/7 so they’ll often need towing services late at night, in the early hours of the morning, and on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Therefore, they need to work with towing companies that have good availability so they can have vehicles quickly towed.

Most police departments like to work with towing companies that operate 24/7 and can be on the scene as quickly as possible, especially if they are dealing with an emergency.

Companies That Know Local Roads
Police departments need tow truck companies that can arrive on site as quickly as possible anywhere in their local area. This often covers a large area spanning hundreds of square miles, so the need for drivers that know the local roads is a must, otherwise the tow truck won’t make it to the location on time.

So, because police departments need drivers that can get to their location quickly, they usually work with local towing companies that have extensive driving experience throughout the area.

Companies that are Flexible
Police need tow truck services for various reasons. While impounding vehicles is the most common, there are other circumstances where a tow truck is needed, such as after an auto accident or other types of emergency situations.

As a result, police departments need tow truck companies that are flexible enough to cater to different towing needs. This means companies that have various towing vehicles that can move different vehicles and drivers that know how to recover and transport different types of vehicles.

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