Before You Call a Towing Company for Roadside Assistance, Have These 4 Pieces of Information Ready

Before You Call a Towing Company for Roadside Assistance, Have These 4 Pieces of Information ReadyThe help of a towing company is extremely valuable as it comes in handy when you least expect. No matter the emergency, a reliable towing company can take your vehicle where you need it to go in a safe, efficient, and timely manner.

Preparation is the key when it comes to making the entire towing process seamless and smooth. Knowing what to expect when calling the towing company and hiring roadside assistance as well as having any state-specific materials you might need available can make the entire situation much easier to deal with. That’s why you should have certain pieces of information ready before calling a towing company so that you are better prepared for your towing experience.

Here are 4 pieces of information you should have ready before you call a towing company for roadside assistance:

Your Location

The location of your car is very important. For a towing company, pulling a car off a freeway is much different as opposed to towing it on a quiet side street. So, your location is one of the first things a towing company will ask about when you call them for roadside assistance. That’s why you should check the GPS of your car and make sure where you so you can tell the towing company about your location.

The Make/Model and Condition of Your Car

The make and model of your car is another important piece of information that you must have ready before calling a towing company. The towing company will need this information in order to determine what type of towing truck would be more suitable for the job. You will also need to describe the condition of your car so they can take proper measures to ensure safe and successful towing. For example, a wheel-lift tow truck could be suitable for towing a vehicle that is slightly damaged. On the other hand, the towing company may need to send a flat-bed tow truck if the vehicle has been severely damaged.

Information Regarding Your Insurance

The towing company may need access to your insurance policy information in order to determine the method of payment or to determine the type of coverage you have. That’s why you should have information about your policy (e.g. previous payment information, type of coverage, policy number, etc.) quickly accessible before calling a towing company for roadside assistance.

Your Mechanic’s Address

Having your mechanic’s contact information and address handy is also a good idea. This is because when you call a towing company for roadside assistance, you can ask them to tow your vehicle to your mechanic’s shop so it can be quickly repaired. This will prevent having your vehicle to tow it again to the mechanic when it is towed to your home. So, have this important piece of information ready so that the tow truck driver does not get confused as to where you want your car to be towed.

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