6 Gas Saving Tips to Help Combat High Gas Prices

6 Gas Saving Tips to Help Combat High Gas PricesLooking to combat the rising gas prices but aren’t sure where to start? It’s a lot easier than most people think, with there being all kinds of simple tricks you can use to help lower your fuel consumption and save money on gas.

Most of these involve slightly adjusting your driving habits, so you will barely notice much of a difference to your driving but will see a big different to your wallet!

Here are 6 gas saving tips to help combat high gas prices:

Keep Weight Down

The more weight in the vehicle the more fuel it consumes, so by reducing the overall weight you can save a fair amount of cash over the long-term. Even just lowering by 100lbs would save 3 cents per gallon, which may not sound like much, but it definitely adds up, so get that trunk cleared out and remove any other non-essentials from the vehicle.

Properly Inflate Tires

It’s estimated that driving on tires with incorrect pressure levels can increase gas consumption by up to 2.5%, so it certainly helps to keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure. For example, if a tire is under inflated it means there is more surface area contacting with the road, which results in increased drag and more fuel consumption.

Try to Avoid Idling

Do you often get stuck in traffic and find yourself idling? This can have a serious impact on your gas usage, as the engine is still burning fuel even when you aren’t moving anywhere, so always turn off the engine if you find yourself idling in traffic. A good rule of thumb to follow is to turn the engine off it you are waiting more than 10 seconds.

Use the Right Oil

It’s easy to overlook things like engine oil but it can have a major impact on gas mileage. For example, using the wrong type of oil for your engine could result in anywhere from 2-3% less mileage, so check what the manufacturer recommends and stick with this!

Slow Down

It may not be the most exciting way to drive but slowing down by even just 5-10 miles can have a huge impact on your gas mileage! For instance, for every 5 miles above 50mph, it costs roughly an extra 20 cents per gallon! Also, constantly accelerating, speeding, and braking reduces fuel efficiency, so try slowing down and driving more sensibly – your wallet will thank you for it!

Minimize Drag

If you remove external attachments like a roof rack for bikes, it reduces drag and fuel consumption, so consider doing this when they are not in use. Better still, start using the inside of the vehicle to store things, keeping the outside free from objects to minimize drag. Closing windows can also help reduce drag.

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