6 Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage for Your Vehicle

improve-your-gas-mileageAs the prices of gas continue to rise, vehicle owners are becoming aware of the fuel economy. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to get more miles out of your vehicle’s tank.

Following are 6 ways to get better gas mileage for your vehicle:

1. Make Sure Your Air Filter is Clean

Newer vehicles usually don’t need to be tinkered with because they are computer controlled. Still, it is essential to have things like the air filter and the spark plugs changed at the specific intervals. A clogged air filter decreases the ability of your engine to burn fuel efficiently which becomes the cause of low mileage. The air filter of your vehicle needs to be cleaned frequently, especially if you drive in dusty areas.

2. Keep Your Tires Inflated to The Correct Pressure

If the tires of your vehicle are not inflated to the correct pressure, your fuel economy will suffer. It is important to check the pressure when the tires have not been driven for a while or when they are cold.

3. Don’t Over-Accelerate

While you can accelerate your vehicle more quickly by pushing your foot further to the floor, it results in high fuel consumption. This is particularly inefficient if you then have to apply the brakes as you approach an intersection or the next light. Be more careful of this. To get the right amount of acceleration without over doing it, you need to get a sense of where your foot position is.

4. Drive at Consistent Speeds

Instead of holding at a steady speed, if you constantly accelerate and decelerate your vehicle it will result in inefficient fuel consumption. Keep an eye on your speed and try to maintain it. Use cruise control if you are on a long drive and use it if it’s safe to do so.

5. Shift into Neutral While Waiting

This is definitely the most important way to save gas. When sitting awhile in a drive-through lane or at traffic lights, shift into neutral. This reduces some of the load on your vehicle’s engine, which saves gas.

6. Turn Off the Engine if You Are Going to Idle More than a Minute

Idling for long intervals of time results in fuel consumption. If you have to run the AC or heater in order to stay comfortable, cycle it by running the engine for a few minutes and then shut it off. In this way, you will save gas and also stay comfortable.

In conclusion, getting more mileage for your vehicle is easy. You can expect to see a minimum of 5% increase in your gas mileage if you apply most of these tips, and save possibly up to 15% or more if you apply them all. Make a habit of following the above mentioned tips and you will not only be able to squeeze more miles out of each tank but also lower your emissions which helps the atmosphere. It’s a win-win situation for you and the planet.

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