8 Ways to Get Longer Life from Your Car Battery

car battery maintenanceMost car owners focus entirely on their car’s regular maintenance, that includes changing the oil, occasional engine checking, fixing visual problems such as polishing nicks and scratches, blown headlights, checking the tire pressure, etc. However, the same people who keep their car in optimal operating condition often ignore one of the most important components of their car – the battery. Regular maintenance and care of the battery is required if you want to prolong its life.

Following are 8 ways to get longer life from your car battery:

1. Check the Water Level Frequently

Safely checking and replacing the water level in your car battery is a vital aspect of your overall car maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended to check battery’s water level and refill it using distilled water using a funnel. Don’t overfill and make sure that the water reaches the bottom of the battery’s refill holes.

2. Clean Terminals with a Wire Brush Every 6 to 8 Months

To clean the battery terminals thoroughly, pull the connectors up or move them side to side to remove them from the battery terminal. After removing the connectors, rub the brush into a paste made of baking soda and distilled water. Use the brush gently to get rid of build-up of dried acid and avail the required shine. Now, use rubber mallet to replace connectors by hitting them into place.

3. Inspect the Cell Voltage After Routine Maintenance or Oil Change

Most mechanics use a reliable process to check the cell voltage. Take the car to an auto repair shop from time to time to inspect the cell voltage of the car battery. They will check the voltage, charge, and will also provide products that will play an important role in helping the maintenance plan.

4. Service the Engine Frequently

A poor working condition of the car’s engine overloads the battery and reduces its lifespan. Therefore, regular service and tune-up of your vehicle’s engine is necessary for protecting and increasing your battery’s lifespan.

5. Minimize Corrosion

The terminal connections of the battery must be secured and corrosion free. Get professional help from auto mechanics in order to minimize corrosion. Spraying anti-corrosive products is also a possible way to bring down the chances of corrosion.

6. Avoid Unnecessary Drainage

Avoid leaving your vehicle’s unwanted accessories on. Such accessories unnecessarily drain the battery which then requires recharging. Frequent recharges of the battery shorten its lifespan.

7. Keep Cases as Clean as Possible

Dirt damages the battery case and leads to charge loss. Check the cases and terminals and clean them at regular intervals.

8. Secure the Battery

Vibrations have a tendency to damage the battery plates. If the battery is not securely mounted on the tray, then vibrations are normal. Check the terminals on regular basis and make sure the battery is firmly connected to the tray. Loose connections lead to battery breakdowns.

Replacing a car battery can be quite expensive, but making sure that the battery is clean and maintaining a charge on the regular basis can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

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