6 Things to Do if Your Vehicle Runs Out of Gas

Almost everyone runs out of gas in their car at some point in their lives. Whether purely by mistake, or simply by bad circumstances, you will probably end up running out of gas as well. Be sure to follow these tips so that when you do, it only becomes a minor inconvenience instead of a full blown disaster.

1. Calm down and find out where you are.

One of the most important things to do in any urgent or emergency situation is calm down and compose yourself. If you begin to freak out, you won’t be able to think and find a solution as quickly or efficiently. Recall in your head where you are, are you in a busy city? A rural area? etc.

2. Locate the nearest gas station.

what to do when you run out of gasThe next step is to think about where the nearest gas station is. Sometimes you will be so close you can see the gas station when you run out of gas, in which case your job is easy. However, in some cases you might not know where the nearest gas station is. One good way to locate them is to either use your car’s navigation system or download an app on your phone that can tell you the nearest gas station.

3. If the nearest station is within walking distance, consider walking and picking up a can of gas.

In some situations, it will make sense to simply walk a mile or two to the nearest gas station and pick up a can of gas. This will usually only be the case if you are in a city area. If you end up not being able to find a gas station within walking distance, you will have to go to others for help with refueling your car.

4. If you are close to someone you know, ask if they could bring you gas or give you a ride.

Sometimes you will get lucky and end up without gas near someone you know, in this case you could simply call them and ask politely if they are in the area, if they are, tell them the situation you are in and kindly ask if they could bring you a can of gas or give you a ride to the gas station, tell them that you will pay for the gas so that they will be more inclined to help.

5. Call your roadside assistance company.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to call your roadside assistance company, most plans include a gas refuel service. All you have to do is call and someone will be dispatched to fill you up with enough gas to get to a gas station.

6. Reflect on what happened, and consider your options for improving next time.

At the end of it all, think about what you could have done differently. Should you have stopped as soon as your low fuel light came on? Should you have planned your route differently? etc. On top of that, consider purchasing a small fuel can to keep in your car with just enough fuel to keep you going if you ever needed it.

While we can’t always prevent situations like this, we can definitely be more prepared and ready to deal with them the next time around. Remember, each person’s situation when they run out of gas is different, some might end up only a few hundred feet from a gas station, while others might be miles away.

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