4 Tips to Help You Avoid Driving Under the Influence During the Holidays

4 Tips to Help You Avoid Driving Under the Influence During the HolidaysThe holiday seasons sees the largest rate of DUI arrests of the year, with more people driving under the influence during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years celebrations. More people are traveling around the country than at any point of the year, so more drivers means more chances of people driving under the influence during the holidays.

To avoid the risk getting a DUI – or something much worse – it’s important to avoid driving under the influence during the holidays. This is understandably difficult for many people, so here are four tips to help avoid drinking and driving over the holidays:

Uber, Lyft, and Cabs

If you’re going somewhere and plan on drinking during the holidays, just don’t take the car! With Uber, Lyft, and the traditional taxicab all available, you do have options for getting around during the holidays without worrying about driving under the influence.

Don’t make the mistake of taking the car just because it’s a short ride. Even the quickest drive can end up in a DUI or auto accident if driving impaired, so never take the risk and call for someone to drive you to and from your destination.

Drink Smart

Even if you aren’t driving, it’s always a good idea to drink smart around the holidays – nobody wants to get too drunk or suffer from a massive hangover after all!

The rules are quite simple when it comes to drinking smart during the holidays. Never drink on an empty stomach, always have a glass of water between drinks, and limit the number of drinks to no more than a few glasses.

That said, try not to drive even if you’ve had one or two drinks, as alcohol can intoxicate people at varying levels, meaning you could face a DUI or worse.

Take Turns Being the Designated Driver

You’re probably going to enjoy a few different celebrations over the holidays, so consider taking turns with friends and family at being the designated driver for these events. For instance, you can be the designated driver on Christmas Eve, have a relative do it on Christmas Day, another drive on New Years etc.

Basically, everyone in your social circle that wants to avoid drinking and driving can take one shot each at being the designated driver. This means no drinking at all when you are the driver though!

Stay Overnight

Going to a friend’s Christmas party across town? Then consider asking to stay the night to avoid drinking and driving! Make sure you ask in advance though, just in case they have relatives staying over for the holidays.

The same can be said for any party you are visiting, and if don’t want to impose consider asking a friend that stays nearby or you could even book a cheap hotel or motel for the night. Booking accommodation is also a good idea if you are heading to a bar.

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