The 3 Most Christmas Related Reasons People Need a Tow Truck

the-3-most-christmas-related-reasons-people-need-a-tow-truckChristmas is an exciting time of the year that involves decorating the house, traveling to meet family and friends, exchanging gifts, and much more. Towing companies are quite busy during the Christmas season because people use their services due to a lot of reasons.

Following are 3 most Christmas related reasons people need a tow truck:

1. Vehicle Towing

According to statistics, millions of people travel at least 50 miles from their home during the holiday season. This means numerous cars on the highways and higher chances of people driving to and from parties intoxicated. Furthermore, the weather is also severe at this time of the year. All these factors lead to a relatively higher accident rate during the holiday season. Drunk drivers get arrested for driving under the influence and their vehicles are towed. And that’s where towing companies come in.  Some towing companies provide discounts and special offers during the holiday season, so more people take advantage of their services.

2. Roadside Assistance

As more and more people travel away from home during the holidays, cases of roadside vehicle problems arise significantly. Everything from motorcycles to cars, to vans, to light duty and heavy duty trucks are vulnerable to different problems when on the road. Running out of gas, having a vehicle breakdown, tire blowout, etc. are some of the common problems for which people need roadside assistance. Since there are a higher number of vehicles on the road during the holidays, towing services are high in demand due to this reason. No one likes the idea of having to wait for someone to help them when they are stranded on an empty and deserted road, so they call towing companies as they are the best solution when it comes to roadside assistance.

3. Towing Illegally Parked Vehicles

The number of reports involving illegally parked vehicles also increases during Christmas time. This is because there are increased number of customers shopping around, hence parking is less available as compared to most other days. Drivers park their vehicles illegally when they don’t find sufficient parking space and then get reported to parking enforcement and private towing companies. Parking enforcement is also highly active during these days. Furthermore, many shopping centers hire the services of private towing companies so that the flow of traffic is not interrupted in front of the shopping malls. Any illegally or wrongfully parked vehicle is removed by tow trucks to clear the path for customers and other traffic. Some impound companies use a patrol towing method to control private parking lots and make sure the no one is parked in a private parking lot who isn’t supposed to be. Unauthorized vehicles are towed immediately.


In conclusion, towing companies play an important role in making your Christmas hassle-free by offering reliable and discounted services to cover all your Christmas related towing needs. From removing illegally parked vehicles to providing roadside assistance, towing companies are high in demand during the holiday season.

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