5 Reasons People Called for Roadside Assistance in 2017

5-reasons-people-called-for-roadside-assistance-in-20172017 is almost in the rear-view mirror, and like every year it saw many car breakdowns on roads across the country. While there often are some differences, most annual breakdowns follow similar patterns, with the causes remaining mostly the same.

Let’s check out the top 5 reasons people called for roadside assistance in 2017:

1. Battery problems

Like every year, battery troubles are the leading cause for people needing roadside assistance. Batteries have a much shorter lifespan than the vehicle itself, with it being recommended that they be replaced every three to five years.

Getting a yearly service should prevent battery troubles from occurring in the first place, but factors like cold winters and frequent short journeys continue to make it the most common reason for breakdowns and roadside assistance.

2. Locked out

Motorists are advised to get a spare set of keys for their vehicle, meaning they are covered should the keys ever be lost, stolen, or misplaced. However, it still remains one of the top reasons for roadside assistance in 2017, with many drivers being locked outside their vehicle with no way to get in.

Most roadside breakdown service providers can get you back into the vehicle with relative ease, whether using their own technicians or securing the services of an automotive locksmith to get you back on the road.

3. Tire Problems

The reason tire problems were so common in 2017 – and most other years – is because they are hard to prevent in many instances. This is because there are various forms of debris on the roads that puncture or damage tires, so drivers can’t always prevent it.

Flat tires are another leading contributor, although this is mostly due to a lack of regular maintenance. Regularly checking tires to see if they are inflated properly and to inspect their tread makes it much easier to avoid having to call roadside assistance!

4. Alternator Faults

Many vehicles with ongoing battery issues assume a simple replacement will fix the issue, but it’s often a sign an alternator fault, which was a leading cause for breakdowns in 2017. A sign of alternator faults is frequent battery troubles along with dimming headlights, yet many don’t notice these things, so their vehicle ends up breaking down.

Broken alternator belts and water pumps result in weak car batteries that struggle to hold charges, as well as causing the engine to frequently cut out. For these reasons, many need to call roadside assistance to get their vehicle back in working condition.

5. Starters

A common problem for many vehicles in 2017, the biggest issue with faulty starters is the fact that the problem isn’t apparent until the car doesn’t start. More often than not, drivers notice this problem when they are away from home, meaning they have to call roadside assistance to get the car going.

Regular servicing should prevent such a problem from occurring, although many people this year weren’t so prepared!

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