5 Ways to Avoid Getting Distracted While You Are Driving

avoid-driving-distractedNavigating on the road can be a quite stressful and complicated process. Over the years, distracted driving has become one of the major causes of accidents, fatalities, and injuries on the road. Drivers engage in a lot of everyday activities while behind the wheel and some of those activities result in distracted driving tendencies. Distracted driving must be avoided when possible because it is dangerous. You can better protect yourself and those you care about by knowing what steps can help you stay focused while on the road.

Following are 5 ways to avoid getting distracted while you are driving:

1. Put Down the Mobile Phone

Mobile phones are one of the leading causes of distracted driving. Drivers have found many ways to use their mobile phone while driving in order to distract themselves. What once used to be just making a call while driving has now transformed into worse habits. Now you can pull up apps, chat, surf the web, and do a lot more on a mobile device. The more features the phone has, the more ways there are to distract you while you are driving.
It is recommended to avoid texting or performing any other activity on your mobile phone while driving. It will significantly decrease your chances of getting distracted on the road.

2. Pull Over to Make a Call

No text or phone call is so important that it cannot wait for you to pull off the road or stop your vehicle. While you may think that you can get away with a headset or a hands-free mobile and still make your calls while on the road without being distracted, it’s really not the case. While you can keep your hands on the wheel and use a headset at the same time, it may still distract you from concentrating on the road.

3. Avoid Adjusting MP3 Player, CD player, or Radio

While you can put down your mobile phone with an intention to not get distracted while driving, there are many other electronic devices in your car that can easily distract you. Such devices include MP3 players, CD players, touch screen, radio, and any other dashboard device or display. Even if you glance down on such a device for a moment in order to change the radio station, skip the current playing track, or adjust volume, etc., it is still a great risk.

4. Don’t Change the Navigation While Driving

Just like other electronic devices in your car, your navigation system falls into the same category of risk and distraction. In order to avoid getting lost, some drivers deem it necessary to play with the navigation system. If you are in need of doing that, it is recommended that you first come to a stop light or pull off the road before doing it.

5. Fix Your Hair or Eat Breakfast Earlier

You may have seen other drivers combing their hair, eating breakfast, or performing any other distracting activities during your morning commute. Instead of taking a needless risk, it is recommended that you set your alarm five minutes earlier.

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