Don’t Forget These 5 Important Auto Maintenance Tips This Winter

Important Auto Maintenance Tips for WinterWinter is a season of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, this is not always true for your car. Cold weather can lead to increased stress on your vehicle as well as a number of safety issues. Rain and ice make vision and traction a luxury. Potholes wreck wheels and tires while weakening suspensions. Your driving experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. However, you can take a load off your back with proper auto maintenance.

Following are 5 important auto maintenance tips you should not forget this winter:

1. Engine Oil
Changing your filter and engine oil at the beginning of the winter season is a good idea. Consider running thinner oil during winter, particularly if you live in an area where the temperature drops below freezing. It would also be a good idea to use modern synthetic oil instead of conventional motor oil. This is because it gives better anti-friction protection and allows for greater distance or time between oil changes.

2. Tires
Appropriate tires for winter driving are critical, particularly for drivers who are likely to encounter ice and snow. Good all-season radial tires may be sufficient for all year driving performance in areas where ice and snow are a minor concern. You just need to make sure there is plenty of tread. Keep the tires properly inflated and check the pressure on monthly basis. If you live in an area where ice and snow-covered roads are typical, then it is recommended that you consider specialized winter or snow tires.

3. Battery
In the winter season, car batteries require relatively more power to start an engine. Preventive maintenance is essential when it comes to car batteries as it can save you from being stranded later. Batteries should have a charge of at least 12.4 volts and they need to be topped off to the full level line. You should also make sure that your battery cables are in good condition and there are no cracks or breaks, and the connecters are clean and fit tightly to the terminal posts of the battery.

4. Fluids
Your vehicle requires a wide range of different fluids to perform properly so you should check them in order to make sure that they are at the proper fill level. These include brake fluid, transmission oil, and power steering fluid. It is also recommended that you top off the windshield fluid with a solution that contains anti-freeze. Check the condition of your windshield wipers as well and make sure that the nozzles that deliver the windshield spray are properly aimed for good coverage.

5. Exterior Treatments
If your vehicle’s exterior has suffered any recent damage that requires repairs, then it’s best that you take care of it before winter sets in. This is because the cold weather conditions can accelerate any corrosion or rust developing in the area of a ding or dent. A good polishing and cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior will provide protection from the harsh elements of winter.

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