Watch Out for These 4 Things if You Break Down on the Side of the Road

Watch-Out-for-These-4-Things-if-You-Break-Down-on-the-Side-of-the-Road If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, you and your passengers could be open to a lot of dangers. The percentage of injuries and deaths on roadways has increased over the years and it is partially due to the fact that most drivers don’t take precautions when their vehicle breaks down on the road. If it happens to you, then your first priority should be to keep everyone safe and watch out for the things that could cause injury or even death.

Following are the 4 things you should watch out for if you break down on the side of the road:

1. Traffic
When your vehicle breaks down on the road, you should do your best to get the vehicle off the road and away from the traffic. You should do this even if your vehicle breaks down on a relatively small road where there isn’t much traffic. Depending on the severity of the break down, you may need to push your vehicle to get it off to the side of the road. If that is the case, then it is recommended that you keep the wheel turned towards the shoulder/side of the road so that your vehicle is not accidentally pushed into traffic. You should also make your vehicle as visible as possible by turning your hazard lights on and placing traffic cones around your vehicle (if you have them).

2. Smoke
Although it is less likely for modern vehicles to catch fire, it could still happen. So, you should watch out for the smoke from your vehicle and if you see it, move away from the vehicle as quickly as possible because staying in or near the vehicle is quite dangerous in such a scenario. Your safety is the top priority.

3. Getting Out of the Vehicle
Except for the situations when staying in the vehicle is dangerous, you should do your best to not leave the vehicle when it breaks down. If you are not able to move the vehicle off the road, then staying in your vehicle would be a smart idea. Many people experiencing car trouble try to fix the problem by leaving the vehicle and popping the hood to try to repair the damage. This could be very dangerous, especially in high traffic areas.

If you must leave the vehicle, then you should do it with extreme caution. Don’t open the door of the vehicle while there is oncoming traffic. Before exiting the vehicle, make sure to check that the traffic is clear enough.

4. Attempting Repairs
Even if you know a thing or two about vehicles, it is not recommended that you try to fix the problem yourself on the road, unless it is a simple flat tire. This is because doing so could put you at increased risk from the passing traffic and could become the cause of injury to yourself and further damage to your vehicle.

Having the vehicle break down on the road is every motorist’s worst nightmare. If it happens to you, then your safety should be your top priority.

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