These are the Best 4 Things You Can Do When You See Another Motorist that Needs Roadside AssistanceThese are the Best 4 Things You Can Do When You See Another Motorist that Needs Roadside Assistance

The road is always unpredictable – accidents can happen to any driver at any time. Regardless of how good of a car your drive or how careful a driver you are, there is always the chance that you are involved in an accident or your vehicle breaks down. Most people have an idea of what to do if they haven’t already experienced car issues out on the road.

But what if you if you come across another motorist having trouble on the road? Whether it’s a simple breakdown or a more serious auto accident, there are things that you can do to help.

These are the 4 best things you can do when you see another motorist that needs roadside assistance:

Assess the Situation

Roadside emergencies force us to think fast to ensure the right course of action is taken, so you want to try and assess the situation as best you can. If this means slowing down and pulling over, then be sure to do so if the road allows it, otherwise you may want to wait until it’s safe to pull over and then take appropriate action.

For instance, if the motorist has the hood popped and appears to be dealing with car trouble, you probably won’t need to take the same action as if there were multiple cars with serious damage. Only call 911 if the situation appears to be serious – sometimes people just need a tow truck!

Approach with Care

Remember, roadsides are incredibly dangerous even if they appear to be very quiet, especially if driving at night or in poor weather. So, you need to carefully approach the motorist if you want to help.

Make sure they can see you approach in your vehicle and always be mindful of your environment if you get out to help. A speeding car could pass by and cause serious injury or even death, which is why you need to always be alert and careful when helping on the roadside.

Call a Tow Truck

Most roadside issues will need the help of a tow truck if the situation can’t be solved by you and the motorist. For instance, if you can’t jump start the car back into life, then you’ll want assistance from a professional.

The vehicle may not even need towing, as tow truck drivers can assist with various auto issues and possibly fix them on the roadside. This is always the most preferable course of action, so you can help by sourcing a local tow truck if the motorist is stranded.

Calm the Situation

Dealing with auto issues on the side of the road is always stressful, so you can help the situation by trying to calm the driver down and help them work out what to do next. Stranded motorists tend to get anxious due to their situation, so try to calm them down and help them think clearly.

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