6 Ways To Get Your Car Open If You Are Locked Out

6-ways-to-get-your-car-open-if-you-are-locked-outLocking your keys in your car can be a frustrating experience. However, if you haven’t hidden an extra key copy somewhere you are not out of luck as there are a few things you can try to get back in.

The type of locks your car has will determine whether you will have to call in a professional or not.

1. The Old-School Manual Way

If there are small buttons on the window ledge for the car locks, you could use a straightened coat hanger to unlock the car. Make a small hook on one end and insert the straightened hanger into the rubber that surrounds the side window. When you feel the door button, loop the hook around it to pull it upwards.

2. Through the Trunk

There are vehicles that allow access to the car via the trunk if you move the back seats. This could be an alternative for unlocking your car if you can easily access the trunk. It is also advisable to hide a spare key in the trunk.

3. Call the Professionals, such as a Tow Company

If your car has locks that are recessed inside the door handle you will need to call an emergency lockout provider. Your best option would be to call a professional, such as a towing company that offers lockout service, as most times using a screwdriver or wire hanger could cause injury or further damage.

4. Purchase a New Remote Opener

Most new vehicles have digital keys or electronic door openers that do not allow the driver to lock the doors if the keys are still in the car. However, it can be tricky because losing the gadget means replacing it which is more expensive and could take days. You might have to call a towing company to tow it to your dealer for them to order a new key.

5. Check the Override Switch

You might be able to get the car open in cases of electronic door openers, but if the opener gets lost outside the car your ignition could fail to start without it. There are vehicles with override switches for such cases so check if you can start the car without the opener by locating the override switch- if you have one.

6. Get the Key Code

Call for emergency roadside assistance and inquire whether they can get the car open for you. Each car key has a code from the auto manufacturer. If you have this key code and personal identification, the lockout provider will be able to make a new key. Write your key code number somewhere and leave it home or somewhere where it can be read to you in the case of emergency.

One useful tip to keep in mind if you have a habit of leaving your keys in the car you might want to hide a spare key on the vehicle somewhere. You could go for a small magnetic key box that can adhere to a metal surface which you can put in a hard-to-reach, hidden area where the risk falling off is rare.

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