The 3 Best Places to Wait for a Tow After a Breakdown

the-3-best-places-to-wait-for-a-tow-after-a-breakdownThe last thing anyone wants is problems with their vehicle. Not only could it cost a fair amount to get fixed, but it could increase your chances of being in a terrible situation, such as enduring a breakdown in the middle of a journey!

There’s obvious risks when it comes to breaking down on the open road, with the risks increasing as the roads become bigger and busier – nobody ever wants to breakdown on the highway after all!

However, breakdowns are all part of the risk of owning a vehicle, and there is a good chance that it will happen to most drivers at least once. Should this occur, you may need to have it towed in order to get it fixed, and get you home of course!

Reacting correctly during a vehicle breakdown is easier said than done, especially if it’s never happened to you before, so it’s important to know where you should direct your vehicle. Doing this allows you to safely call and await your tow truck!

The Right Shoulder

The standard procedure for anyone on a highway that breaks down is to coast as far to the right shoulder as you can. Getting off the road is the most important thing here, as it not only keeps you safe but will make it easier to get towed.

Once as far to the right as the road allows, remain in your vehicle and contact your motorist club or a local tow company, and simply await their arrival.

Remain Where You Are

Now, while not necessarily the most convenient place to wait for a tow after a breakdown, if you cannot coast your vehicle safely away to the right of the highway, just remain where you are. This is safest procedure to follow if your breakdown is bad enough that you’re literally stuck in the middle of the road.

Turn on your hazard lights but DO NOT leave the vehicle under any circumstances, as you will be in a lot of danger should you do so. Contact the necessary services, even 911 if need be, and wait there to be towed.

Off the Road

On quieter roads, you should find it easier to move off the road, or at least as far away from the shoulder as possible. As the roads here have less traffic, you may be able to push your vehicle as far off the road as possible, otherwise simply coast as far as you can.

It’s much the same as with highways, accept you have a better chance of getting much further away from the road, allowing you to safely wait for a tow while avoiding any incoming traffic. Remember though, only do this if you know it’s safe!

We at Jan’s Towing strongly promote and encourage safe driving. We also know that sometimes things go wrong and you may need roadside assistance in the future. When you need help with your vehicle while on the road, Jan’s Towing offers fast & reliable towing and roadside assistance – everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, such as Azusa, Glendora, Covina, West Covina, Arcadia, Irwindale, City of Industry, Rowland Heights, and beyond. In Inland Empire, we service the cities of Fontana, Rialto, Bloomington, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and surrounding cities. We will respond immediately on a 24/7 basis, so give us a call right now at (626) 914-1841 if you are in need of towing or any roadside assistance!

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