4 Tire Maintenance Tips to Avoid a Blowout on the Road

4-tire-maintenance-tips-to-avoid-a-blowout-on-the-roadThe last thing any driver wants is for a tire to blowout on the middle of a road. While tires can be easily replaced, they can create dangerous situations should they fail in the middle of a commute, with the risk of causing accidents that may damage vehicles – or even cause fatalities in the worst-case scenario.

However, it is relatively easy to reduce the risks of a tire blowout. Taking the time to conduct some minor maintenance can save you the stress and hassle of a tire blowing out mid-journey, helping to keep you and other drivers risk-free.

1. Check them regularly

It’s surprising how many people fail to visibly check their tires. It’s one of the simplest ways to see their overall condition and whether they require inflation. You can easily see if your tire tread is wearing thin too, so your eyes can be one of the most helpful forms of maintenance!

Check your tires as often as you remember, taking the time to conduct a more thorough inspection every now and then. Look for signs of wear, any possible damage from debris, and how inflated the tires are.

2. Ensure they are inflated properly

As improper inflation is the leading cause of tire failure, you want to make sure they are properly inflated at all times. We touched that a visual inspection should be able to do this, but a proper inflation check should be done at least one a month.

Too much pressure results in potential stretching of the rubber, which can cause a blowout, while not enough pressure can lead to overheating and eventual failure.

Tires lose pressure naturally over time but also from driving on rough terrain and hitting things like potholes or curbs, so they will need a proper inspection regularly. Therefore, it’s well worth picking up a tire pressure gauge to check this – especially if you own radial tires as these are hard to check visually.

3. Don’t overload

Tires are designed to carry specific weights, so by overloading your vehicle you run the risk of putting too much weight on the tires. In doing so, this increases the likelihood of a tire blowout, so be sure to check the weight limitations of both the vehicle and tires to avoid overloading.

Should there be a time where you need to transport a heavy load, it’s a good idea to find out the recommended air pressure to minimize the risk of tire failure.

4. Have tires balanced and rotated

Tire rotation increase the lifespan of the tires by ensuring an even wear on the tread, while balancing the tires also helps provide optimum wear and even weight distribution around the wheel, so doing both according to the manufacturer’s recommendation is very worthwhile.

This will significantly reduce your chances of a tire blowout, while also allowing you to get even more use from the tires before they need to be replaced, so it’s a form of maintenance all vehicle owners should be doing!

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