The 7 Most Common Calls Tow Truck Drivers Get Dispatched To

jans towing embankment recovery 5Towing services are quite popular nowadays. A lot of people take advantage of towing services on a daily basis. These services are particularly useful when you are in a situation that causes you inconvenience. Following are seven situations that require the help of towing services. These are also the most common calls tow truck drivers get dispatched to:

1. Towing vehicles involved in an accident

In case of an accident, sometimes a vehicle receives critical damage and stops working. And in some situations, a big vehicle such as a bus needs to be transported. This is where medium-duty tow trucks do their magic.

2. Taking cars to and from the impound lot

This is also the most common situation where towing services are called in. If there’s a vehicle illegally parked or abandoned in a place where it shouldn’t be, it is brought in to an impound lot with the help of a tow truck.

3. Transporting cars from one location to another

In addition to taking a damaged vehicle from a crash or breakdown site, you should keep in mind that a light-duty tow truck can also transport vehicles to and from garages or auto dealerships. Tow truck drivers are dispatched to do this job on a daily basis.

4. Getting a 4×4 out of a sticky situation

Although four-wheel drives are used in most types of terrain; no matter how versatile or hard such vehicles are,they might still become victim to nature. A 4WD might actually get stuck in a rocky area or location with jutting roots and sudden dips or tip over its side if being driven over an uneven surface such as sand. People often call towing companies when they face such situations. Tow trucks can help recover a 4WD easily.

5. Stolen vehicle recovery

Sometimes when a stolen vehicle is found somewhere on a roadway, the owner of the vehicle has to retrieve it themselves. And when it’s out of gas, there’s no better solution than to call a towing company that specializes in stolen vehicle recovery. This makes sure that you get a professional and reliable service that keeps your vehicle in good condition when it is delivered to your place.

6. Towing locked cars (driver has lost the key)

Getting locked out of the car is a common scenario that happens every day. A locksmith can be of some help sometimes, however when the situation cannot be handled, it is better to get a tow. Professional operators may have a wide range of keys to help you get back inside your vehicle.

7. Relocation involving moving a motorhome

RV’s or motorhomes are superb for vacations on the road. However, they can be a real headache when you have to relocate from one location to another. With a towing company on your side, this is not a problem. Towing your RV or motorhome could be cheaper and simpler than having a transport company do it.Tow truck drivers often get dispatched to help with this kind of situation.

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