5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Private Party Impound Program

private party impound in san gabriel valleyIf you have an issue with people taking advantage of your private residential parking, restaurant parking, shopping center parking, etc. then having a private party impound program can solve this issue. The private party impound program allows you to tow the vehicles from your private parking that are not authorized to be there.

Following are 5 primary reasons your business should have a private party impound program:

1. Controlling Parking Problems

It can be difficult to keep people off of your private parking lot at times. You can remove this hassle by hiring the services of a towing company, that will monitor your parking lot and tow non-customer unauthorized vehicles. Such companies help you deal with offending parkers and charge the individuals who violate the parking rules. The cost of this service is paid by drivers at fault or vehicle owners. Unauthorized vehicles are impounded until they are claimed by the rightful owners. Hence, having this program for your business is a great way to control parking problems.

2. Maintaining a Clean Image

Sometimes, people abandon junk cars in parking lots to get rid of unwanted cars with a small fee or trouble. Furthermore, some individuals take advantage of parking lots to leave their vehicles in to advertise them for sale without paying for such prime estate. By having a private party impound program, you can keep your private lot looking pristine by protecting yourself from being taken advantage of. If a car is left at your lot abandoned for days, the towing company will remove it from your parking lot.

3. Keeping Your Private Lot Safe

Abandoned vehicles can sometimes be dangerous and unsafe for your business property, as they may have been used in crimes and left abandoned at your parking lot to avoid any connection with involved individuals. By removing those vehicles, you will not only keep your private lot safe but also give your customers convenient access to their parking spaces.

4. Keeping Fire Lanes Clear

Parking a vehicle in a fire lane is illegal as it can obstruct firefighters from doing their job properly. This can not only lead to accidents but also fatalities that were totally avoidable if the fire lane had not been blocked. By having a private party impound program for your business, you will not only keep the fire lanes clear but will make sure that your parking lot is compliant with fire laws.

5. Enforcing Parking Rules

To run a business smoothly, it is essential to keep order within your parking lot. If there are certain parkers who violate your rules and park wherever they want,your towing company can help you enforce your parking rules by removing vehicles that are wrongly parked. And if after multiple warnings, parkers are not scared and still park at wrong spaces, then the towing company will tow their vehicles and impound them, this will guarantee that they will surely follow the rules afterwards.

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