If You Ride a Motorcycle, Follow These Four Safety Tips if You Need Roadside Assistance

motorcycle roadside assistanceBreaking down in any vehicle is a nightmare, but it can be even more distressing for those riding a motorcycle. With less protection compared to a car or truck, suffering from a breakdown in the middle of a motorcycle journey is quite a daunting experience, especially for those unprepared for such a situation.

Motorcycle breakdowns are also much risker when waiting for roadside assistance. Not only are you more exposed to other drivers and hazards, but often lack the same level of visibility as other vehicles, increasing the dangers when awaiting roadside assistance.
If you ride a motorcycle, stay safe by following these four safety tips if you require roadside assistance:

Always be prepared before heading out
One of the most important safety tips when waiting for roadside assistance for your motorcycle is preparing before the journey. Because you lack the coverage provided in a car or truck, you will be more exposed to the elements when waiting for assistance, which is never good in extreme weather conditions.

So, always ride in gear that is appropriate for the weather, pack a poncho and a high visibility vest so you remain visible and dry on the roadside.

Remain calm and pull over
In the event of a breakdown, always remain calm as possible when on your motorcycle, taking the time to reduce your speed and pull over. Always aim for the right shoulder but be mindful that highways and other busy roads are very dangerous for a motorcycle, so if possible try to pull over to a limited access road.

If you are on a busy road and are struggling to find a safe spot to pull over, continue until you find an exit, and try not to make your way from the left shoulder to the right when high speed traffic is present.

Move you and the motorcycle to a safe spot
Once you manage to pull over it is important to get a safe distance from the road. Speeding vehicles often struggle to notice a motorcyclist due to the size of the bike, so make sure to move yourself well out of the way of traffic when at a roadside.

If possible, move your bike too, but never at the expense of your own safety – the bike can always be replaced or repaired if damaged by an oncoming vehicle.

Be mindful of the dangers when its dark
A vehicle breaking down when it’s dark is never fun, but it becomes even more dangerous for bikers, as they are even more difficult to see on the road at night. There is always a chance you won’t be seen when waiting on the roadside at night, so make the most out of all your lights, including hazards and the turn signal.

However, if the road is busy and there is low visibility, you may be safer to go complete off the road while awaiting a recovery vehicle.

We at Jan’s Towing strongly promote and encourage safe driving. We also know that sometimes things go wrong and you may need roadside assistance in the future. When you need help with your vehicle while on the road, Jan’s Towing offers fast & reliable towing and roadside assistance – everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, such as Azusa, Glendora, Covina, West Covina, Arcadia, Irwindale, City of Industry, Rowland Heights, and beyond. In Inland Empire, we service the cities of Fontana, Rialto, Bloomington, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and surrounding cities. We will respond immediately on a 24/7 basis, so give us a call right now at (626) 914-1841 if you are in need of towing or any roadside assistance!

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