Be Careful of These 5 Most Dangerous Conditions to Drive In

be-careful-of-these-5-most-dangerous-conditions-to-drive-inDriving a vehicle may be an easy thing to do, but ‘safely’ driving is another issue. Bad weather and road conditions make it difficult for drivers to drive while keeping their and others’ safety in mind. Different weather conditions require different precautions and safety measures.

Be careful when driving in the following conditions:

1. Heavy Rain and Floods

Rain is one of the most common road hazards. It reduces maneuverability and braking ability and also increases the risks of skidding. Furthermore, it poses risks such as standing water and reduced visibility. Rain necessitates more awareness and slower speeds. It is recommended that you keep good distance between you and the vehicle in front of you because brakes don’t work as efficiently on wet roads. When the road has flooded, allow the vehicle in front of you to go first and keep a slow pace in the middle of the road. Also check your brakes afterwards to see if they are working as expected.

2. Strong Winds

Strong winds can get under the vehicle and affect its braking and handling significantly. That’s why it is recommended that you pick a route that avoids exposed areas. Avoid overtaking high-sided vehicles and use both hands on the wheel. Take extra care around cyclists and motorcyclists because they are more vulnerable in high winds.

3. Ice and Snow

When ice and snow cover the roads, car accidents become more likely to occur. In such a situation, it is recommended that you slow down. Even if you have a SUV or a four-wheel drive, you should still be careful because they are also susceptible to weather related accidents. Be continuously aware of your surroundings. Also brake early because brakes are usually less effective on snow and ice.

4. Fog

As compared to snow and rain, fog may seem like a lesser threat. However, it is also considered a dangerous condition and can cause accidents. Visibility in the fog is decreased so you have less time to react against potential dangers, not to mention it also makes driving maneuvers such as braking and changing lanes much more dangerous. Furthermore, headlights are also counter-effective in the fog and instead of illuminating the path ahead it tends to reflect the light back at drivers. Use the front lights for your visibility and slow down to ensure safety.

5. Dark

When driving in the dark, it is recommended that you use your high beams to see as far as possible and make sure that your speed is such that you can easily stop when required. If you see another vehicle approaching, then it would be a good idea to switch to low beams immediately. Don’t flash your lights because it will distract the other driver. Try not to look at the approaching headlights and focus on the left hand edge of the road. Slow down if you are in doubt. In cities and towns, keep watch for cyclists without lights and pedestrians wearing dark clothing.

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