It’s Better To Have A Towing Company Help You With A Jumpstart Than A Stranger For These 3 Reasons

its-better-to-have-a-towing-company-help-you-with-a-jumpstart-than-a-stranger-for-these-3-reasonsMost drivers have had to deal with a dead battery at some stage. It’s one of those inconveniences that are highly stressful, especially if you don’t have access to another vehicle to get a jump start for your battery.

An even worse situation is not having anyone to call to come and give you a jumpstart, which often happens if your battery dies when you’re away from home or out of town. Some people may wait to flag down a stranger for a jumpstart, but we always recommend you call a professional towing company instead.

Why? Well, we believe it’s better to have a towing company help you with a jumpstart for these 3 reasons:

1. Avoiding Vehicle Damage

Modern vehicles feature a wide range of on-board electronics that help improve the car to no end, from navigation devices to airbags with electronic stability. While these are certainly beneficial in most instances, jumpstarting a vehicle can cause significant damage to the electronics of many cars made after 2000.

So, it always helps to have someone that knows exactly what they are doing with modern cars when performing a jumpstart, which is exactly what you get from a towing company. Remember, jumpstarting batteries are one of the most common issues tow companies deal with, so you can be sure they are better prepared for jumpstarting your car without causing damage to the on-board electronics.

2. Safety

Jumpstarting a car isn’t the most difficult task out there, and even if you manage to get a stranger to help with the task, it doesn’t guarantee you the battery won’t die again. While it’s very rare for a battery to die while you drive, it is very much a possibility, especially if there are loose connections or the alternator isn’t functioning properly.

Plus, in a much more frightening possibility, a car battery could explode as you try to jumpstart it, which may cause severe damage to anyone nearby. Never take the risk – call a tow company instead.

3. Fast Response

One of the most obvious reasons to call a tow company over waiting for a stranger is the fact they will immediately head out to give you a jumpstart! Depending on where you and the vehicle are, there is a chance that you won’t be able to flag down a stranger for help for some time, especially in quieter areas.

Don’t leave yourself waiting for unnecessary lengths of time just to get your vehicle jumpstarted -call a tow company and get back on the road as soon as possible!

We at Jan’s Towing strongly promote and encourage safe driving. We also know that sometimes things go wrong and you may need roadside assistance in the future. When you need help with your vehicle while on the road, Jan’s Towing offers fast & reliable towing and roadside assistance – everywhere in the San Gabriel Valley, such as Azusa, Glendora, Covina, West Covina, Arcadia, Irwindale, City of Industry, Rowland Heights, and beyond. In Inland Empire, we service the cities of Fontana, Rialto, Bloomington, Rancho Cucamonga, Ontario, and surrounding cities. We will respond immediately on a 24/7 basis, so give us a call right now at (626) 914-1841 if you are in need of towing or any roadside assistance!

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