5 of the Most Challenging Aspects of Being a Tow Truck Driver

5-of-the-most-challenging-aspects-of-being-a-tow-truck-driverDealing with a roadside breakdown is relatively straight-forward. In most instances, you simply call for a local tow truck company to come and pick up your vehicle. Yet while this aspect is certainly easy for the driver of the broken-down vehicle, there are certainly plenty of challenges for the tow truck driver.

In fact, there are various occupational hazards that are part and parcel of the towing industry. It’s a rather niche form of work, so not everyone is aware just how challenging it is to be a tow truck driver.

1. Safely navigating the roads

Roads can be dangerous for vehicles, especially if there’s debris, potholes, or even wild animals. Dealing with these in a normal vehicle is certainly challenging, making it even more difficult when manning a huge tow truck.

So, most tow truck drivers need to have a strong situational awareness on virtually any road they drive on, always being aware of the potential risks they may face.

2. Driving in bad weather

Most drivers have experienced driving in poor conditions, and it is never enjoyable. Just imagine how difficult it is when you are not only a massive truck, but have another vehicle attached to it! The risks of driving in poor weather are high enough, so imagine how challenging it is for tow truck drivers to remain safe in these conditions!

3. Poor driving from other motorists

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing a tow truck driver is remaining safe on the road when loading up a vehicle. While quieter roads are less of a risk, there is always the chance of other drivers hitting the tow truck operator when doing their job.

Poor drivers make the road a nightmare for everyone else. Not only might they hit the tow truck when they are driving, but could even hit them when outside of their truck, with the latter usually causing a fatality.

4. Dealing with fatigue

Tow companies offer a specialized service that often needs to operate on a 24/7 basis. While drivers never endure full 24-hour shifts, they may find themselves working the night shift or simply need to work very long hours – especially when they’re a smaller business.

Fatigue is a concern for all drivers, it’s just much more of a challenge for tow truck drivers. Simply driving for many hours interrupted can cause fatigue for most drivers, so long shifts on the road can certainly take it’s toll on a tow truck driver.

Thankfully, tow truck drivers are very much aware of the risks of driving when fatigued. Most know their limit, but it can still be a very challenging aspect of the job.

5. Disgruntled vehicle-owners

Some tow truck drivers deal with repossessions, meaning they must tow someone’s car because they’ve missed payments. As you may imagine, this can offer its fair share of challenges, as not many people act calm and collected during a repossession.

Sadly, many take a violent approach when dealing with such a problem, which is certainly unfair to the tow truck driver. In some extreme cases, they may even attempt to drive away in their already secured vehicle, which is certainly a dangerous situation for everyone involved.

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