Be Careful of These 5 Most Dangerous Conditions to Drive In Driving a vehicle may be an easy thing to do, but ‘safely’ driving is another issue. Bad weather and road conditions make it difficult for drivers to drive while keeping their and others’ safety in mind. Different weather conditions require different precautions and safety…

6 Essential Items to Put in Your Vehicle’s Emergency Kit Owning a vehcile emergency kit is one of the things that many people overlook until it is too late. Do not take comfort solely in the fact that you are a member of an auto club or that you have free roadside call assistance coverage….

Six Steps to Jump Starting a Vehicle Safely If your vehicle’s battery suddenly dies, a quick fix is to jump start the battery using another vehicle and a set of jumper cables. This may require the help of another driver on the road, should the battery die during a commute, or you can call a…

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