Stay Safer With These 8 Tips When Your Car Breaks Down Picture a scenario in which you hit a huge pothole and your tire blows out, or where your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere or on a highway. Your engine starts emitting smoke, you have no idea what the problem is, and…

5 Tips for Driving Safe in the Rain The rain can make the roads slippery and hard to navigate, which makes an average drive a little more dangerous than usual. So when bad weather hits the road, the chances for road accidents increase drastically. While you cannot control the rain, you certainly can take some…

5 Tips for Changing a Flat Tire Safely Knowing how to change a flat tire is one thing, however, being safe while doing it is far more important. Here are some tips to help keep you safe, in the event you ever get a flat tire while driving and decide to change it yourself. 1….

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